Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day #10

Well I been pretty much keeping myself busy for the past few days...which is why I haven't updated the blog *sighs* but it hasnt been any big changes but it does get harder mannnnnnnnnnnnnn. I hate seeing women eat food around me lol. Im suppose to party this weekend so when I start drinking..its no telling what will happen but I wont break people!!!!!! I WILL NOT!!! but until next time DUECES..I had to update b4 yall think I had a late night creep on yall or something.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 5

Ok this afternoon I went to the mall and I swear every woman in there looked good. Like little gestures were getting to me. #DOOMED I have never seen a woman just try on shoes and look that good. Then I went to my moms job and that didnt make it any better cause he co-workers (which are old heads) kept touching me. I was irritated but at the same time I was like one of em can get it lol.I go back home and its something about my room, might have to change the colors, that just ignites me I dont know why. My partner told me I looked pitiful today when we were at the mall. Im suppose to go on this date Friday but its a double date and I gotta run an interference *sighs* ugh! I hope she not lame cause I will dip out. I got shit to do! lol! I gotta find a woman on that level because that late night texting hell and its not who I want to talk to anyway so oh well! Deuces people

Recap of Day 4

I got some texts yesterday from this girl...wanting to do this and that..blah blah blah. I was puzzled cause I never seen her in this light and then she got a dude. So I test it out to see if she really meant what she said. So i'm textin her alot of sexual stuff back and all of sudden she was like she coming over there. I know DOOMED right. lol I already told her nothing was going down for the simple fact that she knows my situation and besides u got a dude. I know he not treating her right or maybe the cooch clogged up *shrugs* not my problem. I almost got tempted though. Its something about when your dick starts talking and my selfish ass heart was with it. One thing that has been keeping me sane is Twitter. The females I talk to on there actually have been giving me encouragement and shoutout to one in particular for her words. I had a fever again last night but I slept hella good so after I watched tv for min.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 4 Post #1

Whew! day 4 man only 36 left, damn that's a lot of days lol! Its been fairly easy except late at night. a past relationship that surfaced recently, I think I finally got my answer on it. As much as I love this woman I know we're not right for each other at all. She has become someone I barely know anymore. I think it was just sex with her cause she hung in my face yesterday (which I hate) and that was honestly the first time I wasn't fucked up about it. I'm still having problems going straight to sleep at night. At 1130 I go into a frenzy and it doesn't fade until like 2. For people who are think its been easy, you obviously are not used to having sex on the regular and then its gone. I have been praying more though which is a plus. Also, getting things done that I been putting off lately. Once thank you to a lot of my female friends and cause they actually been the most supportive when they're not talking that shit lol. Well I gotta get this day started so more coming!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 3 post #2

I swear the hardest part about this is when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night. Hormones are crazy and you can't really focus until they simmer down. Once again I got a text from a girl I use to talk to and I'm like this cannot be pure coincidence. When I decided to do this all of sudden I get text from old ex girlfriends. It's kind of easy to dodge them because I just ignore the text. Those are problems Im not going to add lol. But bout to get my day started so..Dueces

Day 3 post #1

My friend she told one of her male friends about it and he said he going to try it so good luck to him lol. My sleep really sucks right now cause even though this is the 3rd day its really been 5 so I think its really sinking into my system. I wonder if this is what an addict goes thru when they try to stop using drugs. But ill have various post throughout the day hopefully I can sleep now. Dueces

End of 2nd Day

The 2nd day was very interesting..i felt like I had a fever at one point but after I started mixing and texting on my phone I was good. I vented a little on twitter lol. Some of the comments my friends made actually got to me but it wasn't that big of a deal. I already had a breakthrough too. This girl I know hasn't texted me since I told her. A girl I thought I liked I really don't so I think it was a physical. She's fine but her attitude is shitty! I've never had so many dreams in my life! EVER! One of my best partners, the one I thought wouldn't support it is but he thinks im gon break!

Monday, November 9, 2009

day 2 post #2

Ok to elaborate on the phone, for the record I will not name drop on this blog. After I said I didn't have her number, she tries to pull I been thinking bout you a lot type of shit #fail. Then, said "I was gon come thru and are but you be bullshittin" damn right I do I haven't seen you in years. You might fuck around and get me robbed. Im from South Memphis please don't try to okey doke me. Anyway, I hang up with her and got a big burst of energy & cleaned up my whole apartment lol. Next thing I get a text from the female that sent me the 330 text asking why didn't I answer her. I got kinda mad cause dont question why I don't answer my phone. I Pay Bills! So I told her I was sleep which I was. I don't think I want to tell every female what Im doing because then they'll really try me. This is really a mental test. Anyone can fuck but its not the same when you just hit chicks just because you can. That shit gets boring and I actually want more out of a relationship. OK Im through rambling..Dueces!

day 2 post #1

ok so last night I had way too many dreams about sex and it was definitely females that shouldn't have been in these dreams lol..i hope this isn't something that will be constant. Also, a girl I havent talked to in like 3 or 4 years called me like we talk everyday WTF! I asked who is this and she was like so you don't have my about no! The 1st day wasn't hard at all but im starting to feel it already but thats all for now..more post later

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 1 Post #1

Ok so this started @ midnight November 8th & it wont end til midnight December 19th. When I made the declaration, I got 2 texts. One around 3:30 AM & the other one @ 7 AM both wanting the same I didn't bother to answer the one from 3:30. The one @ 7 *sighs* wasnt that understanding after I told her. She said "I owe her" lol that was funny because in my head I was like "I'm not a piece of meat." Shortly after I told her I was going back to sleepy I get text saying she going to Vickie Secrets later on..& it was followed by a pic of her. *sighs* I look at the pic & hormones went instantly into a rage but I did delete cause there is no way in hell I'm breaking on the 1st day. My ex I was with for a good min also called me & when I told her about it..I got the same reaction. She said you not going to make it of course and how she said was like she going to be a problem so I'm most definitely avoiding her AT ALL COST! I told some of my partners about it & one of the fools showed up this morning saying,"I'm just making sure no girl was over here or spent the night" lol. After kicking him out, my dumbass watches this movie called College which I turned off as soon as I saw somebody fucking in the hallway on the movie WTF! My mind got instantly filled with sex. So I went straight to sleep! I actually announced what I'm doing on Twitter but no way in hell I'm putting it on my facebook...wayyyyyyyy too many friends and family..but its only 7 so I should be reposting b4 I got to sleep...for everyone following me on this journey I vow to be 100% truthful with you and blog everything I even slightly become tempted by...DUECES!

Why I'm Doing This

I decided to do this because I want to know what it would be like to be with a woman and connect with her on more than a physical level. I have to deal with so much other bs from chicks that Im not mentally attracted to them. So by doing this I know that whoever Im talking to is on the same levels me & that I actually like her.