Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 1 Post #1

Ok so this started @ midnight November 8th & it wont end til midnight December 19th. When I made the declaration, I got 2 texts. One around 3:30 AM & the other one @ 7 AM both wanting the same I didn't bother to answer the one from 3:30. The one @ 7 *sighs* wasnt that understanding after I told her. She said "I owe her" lol that was funny because in my head I was like "I'm not a piece of meat." Shortly after I told her I was going back to sleepy I get text saying she going to Vickie Secrets later on..& it was followed by a pic of her. *sighs* I look at the pic & hormones went instantly into a rage but I did delete cause there is no way in hell I'm breaking on the 1st day. My ex I was with for a good min also called me & when I told her about it..I got the same reaction. She said you not going to make it of course and how she said was like she going to be a problem so I'm most definitely avoiding her AT ALL COST! I told some of my partners about it & one of the fools showed up this morning saying,"I'm just making sure no girl was over here or spent the night" lol. After kicking him out, my dumbass watches this movie called College which I turned off as soon as I saw somebody fucking in the hallway on the movie WTF! My mind got instantly filled with sex. So I went straight to sleep! I actually announced what I'm doing on Twitter but no way in hell I'm putting it on my facebook...wayyyyyyyy too many friends and family..but its only 7 so I should be reposting b4 I got to sleep...for everyone following me on this journey I vow to be 100% truthful with you and blog everything I even slightly become tempted by...DUECES!

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