Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 5

Ok this afternoon I went to the mall and I swear every woman in there looked good. Like little gestures were getting to me. #DOOMED I have never seen a woman just try on shoes and look that good. Then I went to my moms job and that didnt make it any better cause he co-workers (which are old heads) kept touching me. I was irritated but at the same time I was like one of em can get it lol.I go back home and its something about my room, might have to change the colors, that just ignites me I dont know why. My partner told me I looked pitiful today when we were at the mall. Im suppose to go on this date Friday but its a double date and I gotta run an interference *sighs* ugh! I hope she not lame cause I will dip out. I got shit to do! lol! I gotta find a woman on that level because that late night texting hell and its not who I want to talk to anyway so oh well! Deuces people

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  1. LOL @ they kept touching you. your blog seems interesting, glad i found it.