Monday, November 9, 2009

day 2 post #2

Ok to elaborate on the phone, for the record I will not name drop on this blog. After I said I didn't have her number, she tries to pull I been thinking bout you a lot type of shit #fail. Then, said "I was gon come thru and are but you be bullshittin" damn right I do I haven't seen you in years. You might fuck around and get me robbed. Im from South Memphis please don't try to okey doke me. Anyway, I hang up with her and got a big burst of energy & cleaned up my whole apartment lol. Next thing I get a text from the female that sent me the 330 text asking why didn't I answer her. I got kinda mad cause dont question why I don't answer my phone. I Pay Bills! So I told her I was sleep which I was. I don't think I want to tell every female what Im doing because then they'll really try me. This is really a mental test. Anyone can fuck but its not the same when you just hit chicks just because you can. That shit gets boring and I actually want more out of a relationship. OK Im through rambling..Dueces!

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