Thursday, November 12, 2009

Recap of Day 4

I got some texts yesterday from this girl...wanting to do this and that..blah blah blah. I was puzzled cause I never seen her in this light and then she got a dude. So I test it out to see if she really meant what she said. So i'm textin her alot of sexual stuff back and all of sudden she was like she coming over there. I know DOOMED right. lol I already told her nothing was going down for the simple fact that she knows my situation and besides u got a dude. I know he not treating her right or maybe the cooch clogged up *shrugs* not my problem. I almost got tempted though. Its something about when your dick starts talking and my selfish ass heart was with it. One thing that has been keeping me sane is Twitter. The females I talk to on there actually have been giving me encouragement and shoutout to one in particular for her words. I had a fever again last night but I slept hella good so after I watched tv for min.

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