Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 4 Post #1

Whew! day 4 man only 36 left, damn that's a lot of days lol! Its been fairly easy except late at night. a past relationship that surfaced recently, I think I finally got my answer on it. As much as I love this woman I know we're not right for each other at all. She has become someone I barely know anymore. I think it was just sex with her cause she hung in my face yesterday (which I hate) and that was honestly the first time I wasn't fucked up about it. I'm still having problems going straight to sleep at night. At 1130 I go into a frenzy and it doesn't fade until like 2. For people who are think its been easy, you obviously are not used to having sex on the regular and then its gone. I have been praying more though which is a plus. Also, getting things done that I been putting off lately. Once thank you to a lot of my female friends and cause they actually been the most supportive when they're not talking that shit lol. Well I gotta get this day started so more coming!

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